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Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900 Review

The Hoover Company was established as a floor care manufacturing business in the United States. It was founded in 1908. It manufactures innovative, easy to use, and powerful cleaning products. These products can be used to clean anything from floor to ceiling. The Hoover Company is headquartered in Glenwillow, Ohio. Its product collection includes special and general-purpose floor cleaners, deep cleaners, vacuuming devices, and full-size canisters. The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge is designed to remove tough stains and give you spotless carpets.

Features of the Hoover F5914900 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner

  • Dimensions: The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge weighs around 20 pounds and measures 29.5 x 14.2 x 19.5 inches.
  • Motor: This steam carpet cleaner includes a powerful motor with the rating of 12 amp. It is strong enough to get carpets and floors absolutely clean.
  • Spin Scrub Technology: The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge features reliable multi-directional brushes. With these brushes, you can clean carpets easily as they are designed to groom the material’s fibers from all sides. This ensures the carpet is cleaned from every possible angle.
  • Brushroll Control: The steam carpet cleaner offers three speed options for brushroll control. You can select off to clean spills, low speed for moderate cleaning, and high speed for normal cleaning.
  • Brushes: The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge includes removable brushes that you can pull out easily for rinsing and cleaning.
  • Hose: An 8-inch hose is included in this steam carpet cleaner. With this durable hose, you can extend your reach quickly and easily.
  • Heated Drying: The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge allows you to apply heat to carpets and floors to expedite drying time.
  • Hand Tool: This steam carpet cleaner includes an exclusive hand tool that helps you reach difficult areas easily. This is the perfect option to clean stairs, stains, and upholstery.
  • Dual Tanks: Two easy-to-fill tanks are provided to keep dirty water and cleaning solution separate from each other.
  • Upholstery/Carpet Detergent: The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge includes a 16-oz bottle of cleaning detergent that you can safety use for your expensive carpet or upholstery.
  • Fingertip Control: The Clean Surge Control enables you to apply additional detergent to stubborn stains or heavy traffic area.
  • Tool Mode: The steam carpet cleaner helps you protect hard floors with this option. Choose this feature to stop the cleaner’s brush.


  • Lightweight and compact cleaning unit
  • Three speed options
  • Heated drying
  • Powerful motor
  • Hand tool for difficult areas
  • Safe detergent for upholstery and carpets


  • Some people are not satisfied with the size of the dirty water tank. They think this tank fills up rapidly.

The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge features rotating brushes that remove grime and dirt from your carpets without damaging their delicate fibers. This efficient machine enables you t deep clean your upholstery and carpets whenever you want. Say goodbye to stubborn and tough stains with Hoover!

Jason L. Godwin

Jason L. Godwin

My name is Jason L. Godwin. I have working in carpets, tiles and flooring business for 5+ years. The is my effort to help my customers to gain insight of the cleaning machines that will help them to get the most suitable machine for their home’s circumstance. Hope you will also find this website useful to you too 🙂