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Bissell Steam Mop Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, 31N1 Review

The Bissell 31N1 Steam Mop Deluxe Hard-Floor Cleaner come in an attractive mineral blue color. This steam mop makes cleaning your floors easy. The steam heats up in about 30 seconds and is ready to use with the on demand trigger. The Bissell steam mop deluxe provides chemical free cleaning by using steam to deep clean your floors. This steam mop also sanitizes carpets and can freshen your house with the ability to add fragrance to the water. No more need for chemicals to clean your floors.

Features of the Bissell Steam Mop Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, 31N1

The Bissell steam mop tank holds 17.5-ounces of water, which is heated up in less than 30 seconds with 1500 watts/12 amps. This unit cleans tile, vinyl, linoleum, and sealed hard floors with the soft and gentle microfiber pad. With a cleaning width of 9-inches it will quickly clean all of your floors. It comes with a 20-foot power cord and weighs approximately 9 pounds. It is quick and easy to use with the water being ready to use in about 30 seconds and the maneuverable mop head. The steam on demand trigger means the steam is ready when you are.

  • Steam is ready when you are with the Steam on Demand trigger.
  • Completely chemical free cleaning
  • Carpet refresher and the ability to add freshener to the water.
  • Utilizes 1500 watts / 12 amps
  • Weighs approximately 9 pounds.

Reviews of the Bissell Steam Mop Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner 31N1

Reviews on this steam mop have been very positive. One reviewer stated that they enjoy that the unit is a no-mess, no-fuss item. They are very happy with the ability to just toss the reusable pads in the washer and they are ready to use again and again. They stated that the steam mop is easy to use and makes cleaning a positive experience. Another reviewer stated that they were impressed with how well it cleaned and also how fast. They noticed the dirt coming off the floor with ease and the cleaning did not take very long at all. The only thing they didn’t like as much was that it doesn’t have an on-off switch, but that instead you just plug it in and wait for the light to come on then pull the trigger and it’s ready to go.

The Bissell steam mop comes with washable, reusable pads. They are easy to just toss into the washer and they will be ready to use. One of the big advantages of this product is the ability to heat the water up in 30 seconds, no need to wait around for the water to heat up. It is safe and environmentally friendly by using only tap water to clean and disinfect. The ability to clean without chemicals means it is safe for pets and children. The 31N1 steam mop is also able to freshen and disinfect your carpets. Just add a few drops of the fragrance water and it will freshen the whole house.

Bissell 31N1 Steam Mop Deluxe Hard-Floor Cleaner is perfect for cleaning the entire house, and takes up very little space in the storage closet.

Jason L. Godwin

Jason L. Godwin

My name is Jason L. Godwin. I have working in carpets, tiles and flooring business for 5+ years. The is my effort to help my customers to gain insight of the cleaning machines that will help them to get the most suitable machine for their home’s circumstance. Hope you will also find this website useful to you too 🙂