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Bissell Steam Mop Reviews

The Bissell Steam Mop is one of the most popular steam mops on the market today….second probably only to the famous Shark Steam Mop.  So how does the Bissell measure compared to the Shark?  Well believe it or not, even though the Shark is the more famous of the two, the Bissell Steam Mop far outranks it when it comes to happy customer reviews.  In fact, the Bissell has about four times more 5-star reviews on

Features Of Bissell Steam Mop

First would be the ease of use. Put a fresh mop head on, fill it with water, plug it in, and mop. When you are done, clean up is easy.  Just remove the mop head and wash it in the washing machine.

No chemical cleaners needed. It’s easy, cost effective (no cleaning solution needed), and environmentally friendly for you house.  No harsh chemicals are used so you are not adding pollutates to the air in your house.

In reading through some of the Bissell Steam Mop reviews, I noticed a common theme. The things that people were complaining about were similiar to the complaints I saw for the Shark Steam mop. First complaint was that the cord could stand to be longer. This can of course be remedied by simply adding an extension cord to it. Another common complaint was the length of the handle. Of course nothing can be done about this but perhaps someday when Bissell decides to give their steam mop a makeover, they may consider including an extendable handle as a feature.

Bissell Steam Mop Reviews

Finally, the only other major complaint I saw was that some people had problems with the mop pushing dirt around.  This appears to be easily fixed by making sure that you change your mop pad every time you use the mop.  If the floor is especially dirty you might need to use a couple of mop pads in order to get the floor clean.  This won’t be a problem since the mop comes with two re-usable mop pads and additional ones can be purchased at very affordable prices.

One of the most interesting things about the Bissell Steam Mop Reviews I read was that many of the consumers that own the product previously owned the Shark and found the Bissell to be a much better and more effective steam mop.

Overall Review and Verdict

To wrap things up….out of all the steam mops that I have researched and reviewed, I would have to say that the Bissell Steam Mop is the best steam mop on the market today. Click here to learn more about the Bissell Steam Mop or to find a great deal on one!

Jason L. Godwin

Jason L. Godwin

My name is Jason L. Godwin and I have working in carpets, tiles and flooring business for 5+ years. The is my effort to help my customers to gain insight of the cleaning machines that will help them to get the most suitable machine for their home’s circumstance. Hope you will also find this website useful to you too 🙂