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Best Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs (Oct 2021 Review)

It is a big challenge to clean stairs and more complicated here to select the best machine for cleaning stairs. In the case of stair cleaning being a high range of vacuum cleaner in market pick one that gives a better result to clean dust and debris.

However, powerful vacuums usually come heavy. So if you use it only for stairs, a lightweight machine is ideal instead of a heavy one. So how do you select the one best vacuum for stairs from the market?

I prepare this guide to serve you with that. It consists of the considerations to select the one good vacuum that is perfect for use in stair cleaning, and more. I also chose the best vacuum to reach the best selection, that is easily usable.

The budget that you spend on the purchase of the best vacuum cleaner for stairs is worth it. Choose the perfect machine that fits your needs well and save time and power. A full-size vacuum is best for cleaning stairs to haul around.

When you buy for the perfect vacuum that is useful for stairs, consider the following essential features. Initially, you choose a corded vacuum or cordless vacuum? Then, Your use type either on bare stairs or carpeted stairs?

Therefore, i have put a considerable amount of time in searching for the best machines with keeping in views through ratings and positive reviews from the buyer. My findings are listed here, so you can quickly select the best models that fit your requirements.

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum

The meanest and leading vacuum cleaner in the range is the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner, 3-in-1 Hand and Stick Vacuum. It covers with best accessories and components that highlight the flexibility to use it for all types of stairs. Despite its small size, the Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaner is a stick vacuum and hand vacuum with an extended hand vacuum to use it for different surfaces.

Therefore, Start from the base, Dirt Devil Technology powers this machine. That has the functionality to remove all dust and debris very efficiently. Additional, it uses the crevice tool that reaches every corner, edges around the furniture. A very lightweight machine with 3.8pounds allows you to use the Vacuum easily in every room and stairs.

Besides, with it, this 16ft corded Vacuum delivers consistent performance, that allows you to tackle all mess easily in our home and stairs.

Amazon top listed this product on the topmost while in searching for the best vacuum cleaner for stairs. Based on the number of the maximum number of positive feedback from the customer.


Convertible Vacuum: It can convert it into a hand vacuum by removing the handle and use it for easy cleaning.

Versatile Feature: It upgraded with the versatility of three in one vacuum cleaner these are stick vacuum, handheld vacuum, and upright vacuum cleaner to use it for multiple cleaning purposes.

Easy Access: It picks up the dust and debris from those areas that are hard to reach and provide quick clean.


  • Powerful cleaning result.
  • Perfect for use on the hardwood floor surfaces.
  • Good Design.
  • Lightweight.


  • Stick not so long.

Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum

Formerly the best bagless upright vacuum cleaner that money could buy. The Bissell 9595A Clean View Vacuum cleaner with fast and easy cleaning one pass technology. It is still at the top in the list due to innovative brush design with excellent control and performance. It also remains the first choice to buy.

First, the design with the cyclonic system use for providing a long-lasting result with deep cleaning due to the powerful suction motor. It works to collect dust and debris in one attempt. Bagless features to get it in lightweight and maneuverable with deep motorized cleaning performance on stairs.

You need it to be tough for the best vacuum cleaner for the staircase. This Challenger upright vacuum cleaner has a turbo brush tool to perform sheer dirt-sucking performance. It equipped with a way to clean up dirt cup easily.


Washable Filter: It comes with a filter that is easily washable so that it avoids us from spending extra budget on the purchase of a new filter.

Powerful Suction: The Vacuum comes with potent suction to clean the surface efficiently. And provide better performance overall.

Extra tool: It upgraded with additional tools to use it on different surfaces like a turbo brush tool comes with it to use it on stairs cleaning and under furniture.


  • Great Suction Power.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to empty the dirt cup.
  • One pass Technology.


  • The Vacuum is delivered in pieces.

EUREKA EasyClean Vacuum

The EUREKA Easy Clean Lightweight Handheld Corded Vacuum Cleaner blends the resilience of the Vacuum with lightweight to provide reliable suction results. It is having a comfortable design and very easy to use for cleaning stairs. Formulating it the best choice for those who are looking for a lightweight, maneuverable vacuum that can quickly whizz around everywhere.

Meanwhile, the 5-pound machine with a portable design handheld vacuum cleaner that automatically works on picking up debris and dust from home, garage, and all types of stairs. And suction power is almost very incredible, without being the absolute this perfect on offer.

Therefore, Vacuum provides the feature that has a motorized brush to switch on and off for getting thorough cleaning results on up and downstairs. Furthermore, its price logo makes it a more convenient choice than Dyson brands. However, due to the essential features, it is considered the best option.


Two Motor Feature: It capabilities of two motor feature option that is one for the brush use and second for the suction use that ensure the thorough clean result.

Crevice Tool: It has an integrated hose to provide cleaning in tight spaces in furniture cushions and corners.

Multi-floor cleaning: It has an effective cleaning result on all types of flooring and gives better suction power in cleaning.


  • Powerful Suction.
  • Perfect for use.
  • Easy to perform clean.
  • Good for the stairs.
  • Easy Maneuverability.


  • Light body too much cares required.

Hoover Sprint QuickVac Vacuum

Hoover Sprint upright Vacuum Cleaner is so good; the company is now launching the cordless model vacuum. That’s how confident Hoover sprit is the best Vacuum that delivers outstanding performance. That meets your needs well extraordinary. During the examination, it is at the top of the vacuum cleaner list due to its Powerful Suction and Performance ability.

Put the Hoover Sprint is the excellent working bagless Vacuum that HOOVER has ever made. It uses technology that ensures resultant suction power.

Hence, Price and models vary across the sector. Still, you will pay extra for the HOOVER bagless upright Vacuum due to its fantastic performance while the HOOVER vacuum is a Powerful one size vacuum in a compact shape for more convenient storage.


Height Adjustment: Because of the height adjustment feature, you can able to clean all types of flooring quickly and efficiently.

Multi-Cyclonic Technology: This model comes with multi-cyclonic technology that separates fine dust particles before reaching the filter.

Power Cord Design: Furthermore, it has a 23-foot cord that vacuums a large room without re-plugging.


  • The smaller size fits better into lower corners.
  • Easy to empty the canister.
  • Best for stairs.
  • Lightweight.
  • Onboard attachments are helpful for sucking the hair.


  • During the operating air blow toward our face.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum

Don’t want a DYSON brand vacuum cleaner? This Shark Navigator Upright vacuum cleaner is not heavy weighted and has the latest substitutes with many of the top items from DYSON that in this searching. It is handed cordless cleaner that allows adjusting the position by optimizing push and pull for better suction.

I like the shape of a shark Navigator Upright cleaner. Although it is easy to lift, it comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with a HEPA filtration system to trap dust and allergens inside the Vacuum.

As i described before, it is a little heavy form the Dyson brands. But i still found it the body is made with good material and easy to carry that is much portable.


Anti-Allergen Technology: For picking up dust and allergens, it uses Anti-Allergen complete seal technology with a HEPA filter and traps 99.9% of allergens inside the Vacuum.

Versatility: This model comes with a lightweight of 12.5lbs with powerful suction performance and portable for use everywhere.

Swivel Steering: For easy home cleaning, it comes with swivel steering control for maneuvering around furniture.


  • Powerful and lightweight.
  • Great Suction.
  • Maneuverability Easy.


  • Difficult Canister detachment method.

Eureka Blaze Swivel Vacuum

Having a vacuum with lightweight and makes you enable to clean upstairs quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to lug a heavy weighted vacuum with you. Due to its lightweight of only 4 pounds, Amazon choice this vacuum.

While most cleaner able to perform suction on only one type of flooring but this Eureka model can works better on both carpet and hardwood floors. This has a Stick to use this on Hard floors, area rugs, low pile carpets, and it is fully assembled cleaner to keep your living area clean and tidy.

Observing more than 3500 rating reviews from buyers on amazon conclude that this Eureka model is all the best. Due to its performance, Suction Power and flexible design that makes it worth purchasing.


Onboard crevice tool: Vacuum use an onboard crevice tool that allows you to customize your vacuum for your needs, and you can take the Eureka blaze anywhere.

Swivel steering: It has Eureka’s Signature swivel steering that improves maneuverability and cleaning efficiency when compared to standard stick vacuums.

Powerful Motor: It upgrader with 2 amp powerful motor that picks up particles like dust and pollen.


  • Amazing Suction.
  • Quick cleanup on hard floors.
  • Very Affordable.
  • Washable Filter.


  • Noisy Vacuum.

Shark Lift-Away Deluxe Vacuum

While looking for the upright vacuum cleaner that quickly lifts away with having a large dust capacity. The topmost in the searching list is Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum that one worthy demanded.

When it comes to Product feedback from buyers, users were impressed with its powerful suction and anti-allergens technology. They admire its great functionality across all types of surfaces. It replaces traditional sweeping due to use on all types of floors.

Shark, vacuum having a lightweight to lift away and smoothly perform hard to reach areas cleaning, especially more convenient for stair cleaning.


HEPA Filtration Technology: Powered by Shark technology, it uses HEPA filtration and Anti-Allergen technology to keep the safe vacuum from dust and allergens.

Swivel Steering Excellent control: Advance swivel steering control enables its maneuverability easy around furniture.

Large capacity: A large capacity dust cup provide the benefit to store more dust and debris without interruption.


  • Powerful Suction.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Maneuverability Easy.
  • Easy to Empty.


  • Hard to work on thick carpet.

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner

If you want great suction for stairs with the best vacuum cleaner. MOOSOO Vacuum is the one that leads to all. Its four in one versatility make it superior as the best sucker around. And it comes with two extra filters to change after. So, we can say it gains its reputation.

We were amazed and surprised with its performance result that it clean up efficiently during some initial trips. It Works around our stairs very clearly our previous vacuum wasn’t doing this as effectively.

If you’re searching for the best vacuum that is useful for stairs cleaning from the market. As well as it will give you a perfect, deeply clean result, easily maneuverable and quiet. The MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Corded Stick Vacuum for Hard Floor be right up your street.


Advanced Filtration System: Four advanced filtration system makes it more efficient in working as compared to all the brands in the market.

Flexible Brush Head: Moreover, it has a rotatable Flexible brush head joint that results in free clean the dirt under the furniture and bed, clean up dead corners.

Adjustable Tube: In this model, we can adjust the height of the vacuum to clean the ceiling, vents, etc. easily.


  • Great on hardwood floors.
  • Adjustable Brush Head.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight.
  • Powerful Suction.
  • Budget Friendly.


  • Noisy vacuum.

Dyson Ball All-Floors Vacuum

Dyson is a fast-growing modern company in providing small home appliances all over the South Asian market. Hence, the Dyson range is so extraordinary and elegant that it has charmed millions of hearts within a short extent of its existence.

I am considering its design and size, the Dyson vacuum cleaner amazingly capable of sucking up the garbage. And with excellent cleaning, suction technology gives great cleanup on all types of surfaces.

It’s a premium brand, controlling a high demanding price. Therefore, that’s the best choice used as a supplement to your regular cleaning rather than a substitute. With the use of ball technology, you clean every corner even under furniture with bending it.


Root Cyclone technology: It uses cyclone technology that ensures no clogging or avoids loss of suction.

Usable for All types of floor: Vacuum is handy for all floor types with multiple brushes for different surfaces.

HEPA filtration technology: HEPA filtration technology makes it enables us to keep the air clean from asthma.


  • Pick up all the dirt and hair from carpet to hard floor.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Maneuverability Easy.


  • Not sufficiently long to reach higher areas.

Bissell Cleanview Corded Vacuum

While not famous like other famous brands Shark or Dyson, with the BISSELL Vacuum Connection. BISSELL has managed to launch a vacuum cleaner that gives the quality a big run for its price.

Also, there is the option to have the BISSELL deluxe vacuum to change the brush mouth roll for use it on any surfaces to work on. It will give you deeper cleaning ever with no sound, depending on your restrictions.

Therefore, from all the searching time that we have spent with it. It also has more specialty cleaning attachment with it that includes hose, crevice tool, and wide mouth tool. So it workable readily and more efficiently for stairs or under furniture. Its cleaning options provides a complete level of clean up result.


Large Capacity Dirt Cup: In a small vacuum, a large capacity dirt cup (0.78 litter) is provided to store more dust and dirt.

Rubber Nozzle: With this vacuum, a flexible rubber nozzle embeds for great removing dirt and hair from upholstery, stairs, and in cars.

Extended Cleaning Reach: Long powerful cord (18-ft) allows you to clean your father without moving the plug.


  • Easy to empty.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Powerful Suction.
  • Convenient and versatile.


  • Hard to change the filter.

Our Recommendation

Based on my recommendation, i shortlisted the top-rated best vacuum cleaner with essential features. I conclude this from amazon’s top choices with thousands of people reviews and positive feedback to make your choice best in buying a vacuum cleaner.

Let’s take an example from these the EUREKA Easy Clean Lightweight Handheld Corded Vacuum Cleaner is the best choice for stairs. Due to its small size, it provides maneuverability easy with powerful suction results.

Meanwhile, you can purchase any of the top ten listed best vacuum cleaners for stairs because all are the best options to buy. So you decide on one that fits with your needs well.

Hence, these recommendations for you to motivate you to buy the best vacuum cleaner that fits with your needs and budget. As i early say that it is not our choice, but the final concluded result from amazon reviews and feedback to serve you in the right direction of purchase.

Finally, you can purchase any of the vacuum cleaners; all are best usable for stairs. All of the best features, additional tools, suction, and usability.


What point to be considered when purchasing a vacuum for stairs?

To find a suitable vacuum that deals with the issue of cleaning stairs is a big challenge. Due to different types of stairs surfaces, whether it is tiled, carpeted, Non- Carpeted. With the number of stairs to be clean and after how much time cleaning them.

Hence, if you try to find the one that has all the best features in one vacuum and with a reasonable price, it is the Hoover Sprint Quick Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner that is the resulted machine with powerful suction stay long and proceed with you ever.

Which Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for Stairs?

The best useful vacuum cleaner that is most suitable is in small size, lightweight, having a stick to move smoothly on stairs. But the essential options that you have to realize before making a purchase. These are:

  • Weight.
  • Design.
  • Suction Power.
  • Stick.

While searching for a vacuum for stair used, all of the necessary points are considered that are above listed. It also depends on your need that your stairs are carpeted, non-carpeted, or having a plush flooring stair. So you have to focus on your requirements before making a purchase mainly.

How Vacuum Protect Our Health?

The vacuum can be dangerous for our health because while breathing, you take dust and dirt. To avoid these, you must purchase a vacuum that uses HEPA filtration technology and anti-allergens systems that enables your atmosphere to clean and avoid attacking your health.

What are the best vacuum Cleaners to Purchase for use in stairs?

There is the number of models comes with different feature usable for stairs from different companies. But i top ten products are shortlisted for you to make your purchase decision best with the longer-lasting best product. And i recommend you the top often best vacuum for use are:

What is the cheap vacuum cleaner for the stairs?


When it needs to clean your stairs, use a lightweight and compact machine to protect your back. The cordless model can be capable of providing this type of freedom, while the corded model never runs without the supply of power. Some of the vacuums come with attachment tools to help you to clean your stairs and all around.

That’s all about for stairs vacuum, the best choice depends on your preference, price budget, essential features, design, and mainly with your surface requirement like types of stairs, carpeted, non-carpeted, etc.

With the right choice of vacuum gives you a meaningful result of cleaning. However, for getting the best vacuum, some various factors you have to consider before making a purchase.

The best vacuum must have an excellent filtration to pick up dust and dirt with allergens to keep the atmosphere clean. It has a compact and lightweight vacuum, as well. That makes is maneuverability easy to bring it up and down in stairs while cleaning.

Therefore, these vacuum cleaners are specially listed for use in the staircase. Although they are different in shapes, specifications, sizes, all are easily maneuverable due to lightweight. Take a choice by focusing on your requirements and choose the best vacuum cleaner for you.

Jason L. Godwin

Jason L. Godwin

My name is Jason L. Godwin and I have working in carpets, tiles and flooring business for 5+ years. The is my effort to help my customers to gain insight of the cleaning machines that will help them to get the most suitable machine for their home’s circumstance. Hope you will also find this website useful to you too 🙂