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Haan Steam Mop Review

When it comes to steam mops, the  Haan Steam Mop is the new kid on the block.  Well it might not be as well known as the Bissell or the Shark (yet!), it is quickly gaining a following of satisfied customers.  Features Of Haan Steam Mop  The Haan Steam Mop promises to clean and sanitize your […]

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Haan MS-30 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner Review

​ The Haan MS 30 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner will do almost any household cleaning task. This multi-purpose steam cleaner comes with many easy to use attachments for cleaning from floors to ceilings. By cleaning with steam it is not only extremely environmentally friendly, but also kills 99.99 percent of bacteria, germs and dust mites. Just […]

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HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer Review

The HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer allows you to clean your floors with the bacteria killing power of steam. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals to get your floors clean and sanitized. The HAAN SI-60 has multiple steam settings so that you can choose a setting gentle enough for hardwood floors or powerful enough […]

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HAAN SS-22A Multiforce Plus Review

HAAN Corporation is the brainchild of Romi Haan, a young Korean entrepreneur. Being a mother and housewife, Romi Haan came forward to develop a product than can add ease and speed to the lives of homemakers. She works with a team of dedicated product designers and engineers to develop a beneficial and simple steam mops […]

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