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Practical Guide On Installing Laminate Flooring

Installing Laminate flooring is very easy. Usually called “floating floors”, laminate flooring need not be fastened directly to the subfloor because the planks can easily be attached to each laminate, where there are connectors or lock guides. The planks or the squares are connected to one another because of those connectors or lock guides. You can truly say that installing laminate flooring can be the easiest thing you could ever do in home renovation.

There are three sorts of processes involved in laminate flooring installation. One is glue laminate, another one is pre-glued laminate while the third is the glue-less laminate.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Bear in mind that installing laminate flooring can be a tricky situation. The method that you choose in installing it can have a lot of effects on its life and quality.

The glue laminate process is very simple to do. The glue is applied by hand on the groove of each laminate square during installation. The glue can also be applied to the tongue of the square or plank. If you prefer the glue-less laminate procedure, you do not use glue, of course. Instead, you make do with the lock guides or hooks or any other fastener that could fix the planks or squares in place. Pre-glued laminate is a combination of the glue and glue-less laminate procedures.

At first glance, the glue-less technique can be more appealing since one does not need to deal with messy glue anymore and one need not wait for quite a while before the floor can be used.

Checklist before Installing Laminate Flooring

Here are quick tips for you to know before you install laminate flooring. First off, remove all appliances and furniture out of the way. Get rid of the breakables and free the area where you want to install the laminate flooring of any other items. Turn off gas appliances. If ever you want to change the height of your floors, like add an inch or two, make sure that you also do the necessary adjustments to your doors. The adjustments should be as that you can easily open and close the door after the change in height of your floor. Lastly, it would be best if you install laminate flooring and you have good temperature inside your home. It would be uneasy for you to install it during days with very warm weather.

While you may hire professionals to do the installation for you, it may also be good if you do it on your own so as you can at least test your skills and have fun at the same time.

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