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The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand Review

Oreck Corporation was established by David Irving Oreck, an American business salesman, entrepreneur, and lecturer. Since its inception in 1963, the company has been designing and selling steam mops, vacuums, air purifiers, cleaning products, and floor machines. These products are extensively used in both homes and hotels throughout the United States, Canada, and many parts of Europe. The company’s primary manufacturing facilities are located in Cookeville, Tenn. The Oreck Steam-it All Purpose Steamwand is exclusively designed to remove grime and dirt.

Key Features Of Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam wand

  • Weight: The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand is a lightweight unit that weighs only around 8 pounds.
  • Operation: While using this cleaning device, you simply have to add water and turn the device on. It takes less than a minute to heat up. The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand produces a low-moisture and high-temperature steam that can remove grime and dirt quickly. It can also clean and sanitize virtually any type of flooring surface.
  • Applications: The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand can be used to clean kitchens, grout and tile, bathroom fixtures, and windows. It can also help you make your car upholstery and furniture free of stains and dirt. This steam cleaner can also freshen your mattresses and pillows.
  • Vapor Chamber: The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand includes a special vapor chamber that helps you clean surfaces without worrying about spills.
  • Utility Tools: The steam cleaner includes a slim, lightweight utility tool that can replace the primary mop head to help you clean above the floor.
  • Spot Brush: This brush is just the perfect option to clean grout marks on wall tiles or floors.
  • Nozzle Brush: This brush is designed to help you direct steam flow to clean rims, tight spots, or crevices.
  • Squeegee: Using this feature, you can clean mirrors, windows, and many other glass surfaces spot-free.
  • Cord: The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand includes a 25-foot cord that helps you reach the desired areas and clean them efficiently.
  • Portability: This steam cleaner is a portable and quiet unit that you can be used to clean anything from light fixtures to cabinet and ceiling fans.
  • Additional Accessories: The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand comes with 2 bonnets and 2 microfiber towels. Its cleaning clips allow you to utilize your own cleaning towels.

Pros and Cons of The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand


  • Varied applications
  • Quick operation
  • Large capacity water tank
  • Portable machine
  • Designed to reach difficult spaces
  • Allows cleaning above the floor
  • Cleans mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces
  • Cleans grout stains on hard surfaces


  • Since The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand does not include any markings to show the steam level, some people find it difficult to choose the right steam level.

Overall Review and Verdict

The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand gives consumers an easy and quick way to tackle and remove deep-rooted stains and pollutants without using harmful chemicals and expensive detergents. Ensure the safety and health of your loved ones with The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand!

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