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Are There Any Health Benefits When Using a Steam Mop?

If you have ever watched a late-night infomercial where someone was trying to sell a steam mop you may have heard them talking about all of the various benefits of using a steam mop versus a traditional mop and a bucket full of water or any of the million other modern cleaning gadgets. You may have even heard them mention that it is healthier than using other types of cleaners. But what are the health benefits of using a steam mop? Are there any?

Health Benefits Using Steam Mop:

Chemical Free


There are actually some health benefits to cleaning with steam. When steam is hot enough it can kill dust mites, mold and other allergens. The main health benefit of using a steam mop however is that you will replace the health hazard of using other cleaners and detergents. Most cleaning products carry chemicals that can be irritating and also dangerous. Whatever product that requires you to use it in a well ventilated area or wear rubber gloves can’t possibly be safe. Many people have even developed allergies to some of the toxic chemicals and solvents in common cleaning products.

Some of the common favorite cleaning products are the most harmful. Bleach can be very irritating if it comes in contact with your skin but is even more harmful if it mixes with other chemicals. When chlorine bleach mixes with acid which is common in detergents, glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaners etc. it releases chlorine gas which can cause vomiting and can even be fatal at high levels. Ammonia is another common element in many cleaning products that can be very harmful to the respiratory system and irritating to the skin.

Cleaning With Safe Water


As mentioned before, the health benefits of using a steam mop are that you no longer have to use dangerous, toxic chemicals. You will be cleaning with water so there is no need to wear a respirator and a pair of rubber gloves to wash your kitchen. Cleaning with a steam mop has other benefits in addition to the important health benefits. Not only are many common household cleaning products dangerous they are also expensive. Cleaning with water is not only safer but a lot more affordable.

Using a steam mop is also better for the environment not only because you will not be washing poisonous chemicals down the sink and into the storm drains which lead to our streams and waterways but also because steam mops use reusable, microfiber cleaning pads rather than disposable cleaning pads or paper towels that end up going straight to a landfill.

Final Verdict

If you are considering purchasing a steam mop you are making a wise decision. They are far less expensive and you will quickly realize this if you stop to add up the cost of all the chemicals that are probably under your sink. They are also safer for you to use and friendlier to the environment. There are many good reasons to clean with a steam mop and it’s difficult to think of any reason not to.

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