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A Guide To Finding The Right Flooring For Your Kitchen

Is your current kitchen flooring getting a bit bland? Thinking of getting new kitchen flooring? Here are some helpful tips for you in choosing the ideal flooring for your kitchen:

Kitchen Flooring Tips

First off, you have to understand that everything still boils down to the style of your kitchen. Even if you already have a preferred type of kitchen flooring, it would still depend on the style of your current kitchen. For instance, getting a tiled kitchen floor for a Colonial home would not fare as well if you get hardwood flooring.

Next, ask yourself how your kitchen is valued in the home. Consider these things — if the kitchen is where your kids and family spend a lot of time together, if the kitchen is just a place where people get some food and go elsewhere to eat or if the kitchen is just used for cooking and not much family bonding goes on in there. The level of traffic that your kitchen has should be taken into consideration.

If your kitchen is not occupied most of the time, you may want to opt for hardwood for your kitchen flooring. It gives that touch of elegance. However, if your kitchen is much like a “war room” where almost everyone goes to and stays at every single day, then hardwood is not the right choice. The constant contact with traffic defeats the purpose of getting the relatively expensive hardwood. Also, it would be certainly difficult if you have carpets as your kitchen flooring. Spills may happen and unless you want to scrub every day, be too cautious of your every single movement while in the kitchen or see stains on your carpet, then carpets are a no-no.

Tiles, on the other hand, are befitting a kitchen which hosts a lot of action. Be careful not to choose white tile flooring, though. These may make the kitchen appear wider but tile flooring is so prone to spills. Traces due to repositioned chairs or people’s shoes may also leave unpleasant marks on the tiles and you may have to mop, sweep or vacuum those dust and grime away most of the time.

Hence, if you are in search for the best type of kitchen flooring, just remember two simple guidelines: think of the style of your kitchen and the possible, appropriate materials that would cater to the amount of traffic your kitchen gets everyday. Always evaluate your needs so that you will only get to make the best decision.

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