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Cleaning A Refrigerator From Top To Bottom

Cleaning a refrigerator thoroughly takes willpower, concentration and elbow grease. In other words, cleaning a refrigerator takes a methodology to really get to the grit and dirt. Just running a damp cloth over the surface will not sever the grit, grease and crud that get into cracks and crevices of the appliance.
Begin with clearing off the top of the refrigerator and washing the outside with ammonia and water. This will cut the grease and dirt that have accumulated upon the top of the refrigerator where you don’t regularly clean. Who knew there was so much crud floating around a kitchen? And right there on top, just above eye level so anyone on their tippy toes could see the filth!

Steps To Clean A Refrigerator

Step 1: Empty The Freezer

Place everything that is stored in the freezer into an ice chest to be sorted later. Make a solution of baking soda and water to wash the interior of the freezer compartment. Wash every inch carefully, looking for leaks in the insulation or cracks in the freezer area. If the shelves are removable, get them out and wash them in the sink. If they are not, wash with your baking soda solution. Dry the interior of the freezer completely with a soft, clean cloth. Any water residue will freeze and leave a coating of ice, which will cause your foods to slide out of the freezer when you open the door. Now examine the foods that you are putting back into the freezer. If they are more than 3 months old, go ahead and toss them out. They will be freezer burned and non-edible. This experience will help you to remember to rotate your freezer contents every three months. If it helps, make a list of all contents and place on the front of your freezer so you will use the meats and breads in a timely manner. If your freezer is now empty, bag some ice to take up room in the freezer. Extra ice is always a necessity for company and a freezer is more efficient when full.


Step 2: Cleaning The Refrigerator

Now for the big job, cleaning the refrigerator! Take everything out of the refrigerator, including the shelves. If the foods in containers (leftovers) are more than 5 days old, toss them in the trash. If the condiments are more than a year old, toss them in the trash. Clean the shelves in the sink, washing thoroughly with dishwashing liquid. Dry them so they will not slip or break as you replace them in the refrigerator. Wash the walls and sides of the refrigerator with baking soda and water, so as to disinfect without having a “cleaning solution” smell inside. Replace your condiments in a logical manner, jellies in one section, and sauces in another. Clean the vegetable, meat and fruit bins by emptying them and washing in the sink. After drying, place a clean paper towel inside to absorb moisture and catch spills from the wet produce or meat packages.

Step 3: Use Cleaner Machine

Now for the bottom and outside of the refrigerator, insert your vacuum cleaner attachment under the refrigerator and clean the coils. The dust and dirt that collect there are disgusting and keep your refrigerator from working in premium condition. Wash the exterior of your refrigerator with ammonia and water. Now, you have completed this chore for another week!

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