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Cleaning Laminate Floors When You Have Semi-Housetrained Dogs

I love my laminate floors because they are so easy to clean and always look good to company.  However, I have three rambunctious, sort-of house-trained dogs that leave nasty, icky messes at the most inconvenient times.  I have learned to appreciate what a laminate floor does for cleanliness and sanitation in times of doggy accidents.

Cleaning a laminate floor begins with sweeping.  As my dogs have long hair, I use a dust mop to sweep the floor each morning to pick up the hair and doggy trash; usually pieces of torn paper I forgot to throw away that have been minced into tiny squares by little teeth.

After I thoroughly sweep all areas of my laminate floor, I begin the process of mopping the floor.  Yes, you can (and I do!) mop a laminate floor every day.  Because of the potty habits of my dogs, I use Spic N Span to mop the floors to remove any urine stains or poopy stains.  I mix ¼ cup Spic N Span to 1 quart of water.  I soak my mop and run over all areas of the floor, paying attention to discolored areas that indicate where potty-ing may have occurred.  I let the floor dry and then I have a very shiny, definitely disinfected floor.  Each day I repeat so as to be clean and sanitized.


There are days that I do not wish to mop the entire floor, or I have run out of my favorite disinfectant.  On those days, I use white ammonia or lemon ammonia and water in a spray bottle, mixed ¼ ammonia to a solution with ¾ water.  It is important to place the water first in the bottle so the ammonia doesn’t suds.  I spray this solution in the problem areas and it cleans and disinfects for a very inexpensive cleaning solution. The ammonia scent dissipates within an hour.

I have successfully used the Swiffer Wet Jet to clean my laminate floor also; I have no problem with any joints swelling or the wet solution causing warping, etc.  The key is to use a damp mop, not a wet mop.  I have also sprayed my dust mop with Pledge All Surface to clean the floor and it is wonderful to get the extra dust on the floor and in the air.  It will leave a shine to your floor that is marvelous.


My newest room cleaner is a motorized robotic floor cleaner.  This is made by Mint, and has a detachable head on which I place either a dry cloth or a wet cloth.  The dry cloth is provided by the manufacturer (they send 5) and has micropores to pick up minute pieces of dust and grime.  The robot has two settings, sweep and mop.  On the sweep setting it runs the robot across the floor one sweep per area.  On the mop setting, I place a wetted cloth onto the head (usually my mixture of Spic N Span and water) and it will go over each area three times.  There is a GPS locator to tell the robot which areas it has already cleaned.  This is not a vacuum cleaner, but is efficient for cleaning the floors while you are preparing meals, etc.

My name is Jason L. Godwin and I have working in carpets, tiles and flooring business for 5+ years. The is my effort to help my customers to gain insight of the cleaning machines that will help them to get the most suitable machine for their home’s circumstance. Hope you will also find this website useful to you too 🙂
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