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How To Clean A Sink To A Nice Shine

There is probably no section of the home that needs more attention continually than the kitchen, and particularly the sink, and house-proud individuals always do their best to keep that kitchen area shining and serviceable.

There are several methods to clean a sink effectively, but one in particular, known as the “Trade-Off” method, is exceptional for a first time cleaning.  It should be noted that subsequent cleanings need not follow every step, and that this excellent system will require the use of window cleaner as well as the standard household sink scrub cleaners. The age of the sink also does not matter; this method is effective even for old appliances.

The method itself has several steps:

First, one should remove all the dishes from the sink, if there are any, and either stack them in the dishwasher (which hopefully is done on a regular basis) or in a plastic tub for safe keeping (that is the “trade-off”).

Now, one fills the empty sink with the hottest water possible from the tap.  It should be filled to the absolute top brim (one should only do one side of the sink at a time if it is two sided).  Then a measured cup of bleach is poured into the water.  This should sit for an hour.

Using gloved hands or, to be safe, tongs, one removes the plug from the sink and drains the water.  Obviously, great care should be taken not to slosh some of the bleach-filled water, lest it damage clothing.  Then one rinses the sink.


Now the scrubbing begins, with any commercial preparation of cleanser (Ajax is an excellent brand, followed by Comet or, if one is economizing, baking soda).  One rinses the sink again, thoroughly.

Next, a sharp edged-instrument such as a razor blade or thin scissors should be used to clean the dirt around the sink’s rim, scraping it out like cleaning fingernails.  Then one should clean the rim of the faucet as well; an old toothbrush or even a thick waxy dental floss will serve to take the grit out.

Now comes the point where window cleaner is applied, such as Windex or any other streak-free brand, which gives an excellent shine.  If the sink is still not shiny or clean enough, or has one or two cosmetic needs as far as stains that cannot be removed, an application of car wax will work wonders.

Final Verdict

That is the first time procedure, and it need not be repeated more than once or twice a week.  One should have a clean dishtowel hanging or lying near the sink, and use it to dry the sink whenever anyone runs the water (the family should pitch in and make this a habit as well).

Daily maintenance in this manner, plus regular cleaning and bleaching on at least a weekly basis, will keep the sink in excellent clean shape.  One can also place a plastic tub under the sink for dirty dishes, and remind family members not to place them in the sink again.  The dish drying rack should be under the sink, not next to it, also. The sink will shine as never before.

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